Warning: Site Construction In Progress

For those of you who haven't been here before, welcome to my webspace! My name is J. Stephen Bolhafner.

My "Steve's Reads" blog on blogspot shares a name with this site, but a different focus. I'm going to be using it to write about what I'm currently reading or have just read, for the most part - although other things may appear there as well. Stuff from there may end up here eventually. Right now, I'm still in the process of redesigning what had once been two separate sites, one here devoted to my old job as a News Researcher and one on Geocities before it went bye-bye.

This site has three main parts: Reads, Writing and Resources. "Reads" means things to read: books, magazines, websites, that I have read and recommend. The "Writings" section features pieces I have had published primarily in various print sources, although it does include some things published only on the Internet, and indeed a few things "published" only here, or in previous versions of this site. The third section, Resources, is based on my continuing interest in research and information retrieval, growing out of my nearly 20 years as a news researcher for the Post-Dispatch.

My descriptions of Cerebus, Sandman, and Love and Rockets grew large enough to deserve their own separate pages. I may do that with some other reads in the future. But first I have to finish the Cerebus page, which hasn't been updated since shortly after Dave Sim finished the book called "Guys," and not only gives that book short shrift but completely leaves out the last four books of the series. Once I get everything done on the redesign of this site, that will be a top priority.

My readslinks page includes a big batch of comics links, plus will eventually have all the links referenced on any of my pages. Like much of the stuff here, it's badly in need of updating.

Feel free to browse around. That's what it's here for.